Cocurricular Opportunities - ͵ҕl's Anglican Girls' School

Cocurricular Opportunities

͵ҕl’s offers an extensive range of cocurricular activities which encourage our students to pursue their passions and showcase their talents. They also provide girls with opportunities to challenge themselves, develop their self-confidence, learn new skills, discover their voice, make new friends and explore career pathways.

No matter where your daughter’s interests lie, she will have every opportunity to discover her best at ͵ҕl’s.

͵ҕl’s at Metricup

Located in the heart of the world-famous Margaret River region, ͵ҕl’s at Metricup: The Lady Treatt Centre for Learning and Leadership provides our students wonderful opportunities to learn, explore and experiment outside the walls of a conventional classroom.

͵ҕl's Metricup

Outdoor Education

Our progressive outdoor education program is designed to develop our students’ initiative, independence, communication and teamwork, as well as their appreciation for the environment, bush craft and safety skills in fun and supportive settings.


We provide an exceptional co-curricular music program in a learning environment that fosters musical excellence, as well as a sense of community and inclusiveness. Our music staff are highly talented musicians and dedicated educators who aspire to create the best musical experience for our girls.

Dance and Drama

͵ҕl’s co-curricular Dance and Drama programs provide students with a wealth of opportunities to explore and showcase their talents beyond the classroom. Our dedicated teachers offer a range of co-curricular activities to our students, for both enjoyment and extension.


͵ҕl’s has a proud sporting tradition and boasts exceptional staff and facilities. Our girls enjoy a well-rounded approach to physical education, where they are provided opportunities to reach their sporting potential in competitive and non-competitive settings.


Is your daughter intrigued by the world under the sea? Our co-curricular diving program provides students with opportunities to earn internationally-recognised qualifications and participate in extraordinary diving expeditions all across Western Australia.


Surfing is an incredibly popular pastime for many of our students and that is why we offer an extensive co-curricular surfing program that includes before-school surfing lessons and a series of camps based out of our ͵ҕl’s at Metricup campus.

Oratory Arts

͵ҕl’s strives to empower our students with the confidence to speak their mind by providing varied and rich debating and public speaking opportunities.

Community Service

͵ҕl’s has established many meaningful community relationships and our students take great pride in supporting a myriad of purposeful organisations. Whether they are volunteering at a nursing home, assisting local environmental projects or lending a helping hand at a charity event, our girls learn important life skills and the value of service to others.

Clubs and Special Interests

͵ҕl’s wide range of clubs and special interest groups provide all our students opportunities to discover new skills, hobbies and friends.